Founded by the grace fund and grain media, grace labs is a bespoke development hub devoted to climate change and environmental issues. We develop world-class, innovative non-fiction and scripted films, series and streaming content with an emphasis on impact and inspiring positive social, cultural and political change.

We believe story and purpose are everything.

We harness the power of inspirational storytelling to empower audiences and catalyse change.

Never lecturing, always emotional, our projects champion the most pressing challenges of our time through compelling human stories.

Brought to life by the multi-award winning team at Grain Media, sensitively crafted 'micro' narratives tackle macro subjects which resonate with wide audiences across the globe and beyond the eco-bubble.

Every one of our major projects is accompanied by a bespoke impact campaign, transforming audiences into active contributors and giving them the tools to have genuine impact.



This hard-hitting investigative film featuring royal marine commando, Aldo Kane, highlights the plight of a majestic species on the brink of extinction. from tiger wine breweries, to basement tigers ready for slaughter, frozen tiger cubs in freezers and covert filming of illegal traders, Tigers: Hunting the Traffickers exposes a dark and murky world where tiger farms drive consumer demand for illegal tiger products.




Following the investigation, and with the help of evidence gathered by the film crew, the tiger farm owner in Laos was arrested and sentenced to 6 years in jail. Long-term, the film hopes to achieve a wider reaching legacy through educating and changing policy in the key tiger range countries. The film received extensive press coverage and created a far reaching debate about the moral and legal implications of farming tigers and its impact on wild tiger numbers. Following the Corona pandemic, and the now very real dangers the illegal wildlife trade has on animal, environmental and human health, the film is being used by conservation NGOs such as the EIA to educate and advocate for the closure of all illegal wildlife markets and trade. Through twitter, and other social media outlets the film continues to arouse outrage. In 2021, a number of NGOs will be using the film for events globally advocating for the complete cessation of the trafficking and illegal breeding of tigers.

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The documentary was produced like an edge-of-the-seat thriller.

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A powerful and unsettling film.

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A nature programme like no other.

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series of short films for the Tribeca/YouTube to inspire action against climate change: you can run from air pollution, but you can't hide. that's the premise of this high-energy sequence, set in a big city under a hazy fog of air pollution. will our heroine escape dangerous pollution, or will she become trapped? it all comes down to the viewer's choices: a skip takes her to danger and uncertainty, while a view results in her finding the air to breathe—and her voice to demand action.

the high-profile campaign was a collaboration with youtube and the un to raise awareness of un sustainability goal 13: climate action in the uk and drive action. the dynamic series of attention-grabbing films exploit youtube sequencing technology for maximum impact and were shown throughout the youtube platform.


The series increased YoY traffic to by 120% and led to an 80% increase in new visitors. The campaign sparked 20+ press articles from around the world.

In Production:

Title confidential until release in 2020

A high-impact, highly personal single documentary exploring the global restoration movement and the transformative potential of tree-planting on a personal and global scale. A worldwide impact campaign will accompany the series.

In Commissioned Development:

Title TBC

6-part big-splash, high-concept series for Nat Geo highlighting the biodiversity crisis in a way that's never been seen before.

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