Aisha’s Song
Orlando von Einsiedel
Documentary Short
1 X 10 Minutes

Partially blinded by an unknown illness aged 3 and sent out to work on the tough streets of Kano in Nigeria aged 9, Aisha Sani Abdullahi's life chances were not great. However, a chance meeting with a woman who could knit sent Aisha's life in a completely different direction.


Aisha's Song is an energetic and beautifully shot 16mm documentary that uses the sounds of street life in Kano in order to create a vibrant and organic soundscape.

Musically lush and uplifting, the film is a positive story of female empowerment from a place where women are too often overlooked.

Official Selection SXSW 2012 Nominated
Media That Matters 2012 Special Jury Prize Winner
Official Selection Plus Camerimage 2011 Nominated
Radio Amina
Orlando von Einsiedel