Orlando von Einsiedel and Harri Grace
Documentary Short

A series of short documentaries for AJ+

King of the Mountain

As a boy growing up, Samuel Mugisha dreamed of being a part of the Rwandan national cycling team, Team Rwanda, as he believed it would be a way to help make money for his family. What he discovered was something else entirely. In a country trying to get over the trauma of a genocide, Team Rwanda represents a lot more than sport.

Director: Orlando von Einsiedel

Making Waves

Oumaima Erhali is a 17-year-old Moroccan woman determined to surf. She’s part of a generation that is pushing boundaries, in a country where many believe a surfboard is no place for a young Muslim woman. Oumaima won’t let stereotypes hold her back from the sport she loves, nor the life she wants to lead.

Director: Harri Grace

The Wrestling Cholita

Teresa Huayta is one of Bolivia’s Wrestling Cholitas. These indigenous women, with their distinctive outfits and bowler hats, are the most popular fighters in Bolivia’s colourful wrestling scene.

Cholitas have long been discriminated against, but recent social change has resulted in a massive surge in confidence and pride for these women. And for Teresa, there’s no doubt that the best place of demonstrating this pride is in the wrestling ring.

Director: Harri Grace

Audience Award Bicycle Film Festival 2015 Winner
Best Short Film Kendall Mountain Film Festival 2015 Winner
The Forced Marriage Unit
Orlando von Einsiedel