BASTILLE: Hope For The Future
Orlando von Einsiedel
Chloe Leland

A special music video project for BASTILLE for their beautiful song 'Hope For The Future' which was written for our film 'From Devil's Breath'.

The Story

We are really proud of our collaboration with bastille to make a music video for their hauntingly beautiful song ‘Hope For The Future’. Music is such an integral part of film-making. It helps shape our emotional responses, offers us space to reflect, and helps give our memories of a film longevity.

Bastille's song was originally written for our film FROM DEVIL'S BREATH about the consequences of Portugal's tragic forest fires in 2017. The song conveys the trauma of loss that scars communities forever, and the difficult journey of remembrance and rebuilding that the people in our film navigate everyday. With the music video, we wanted to create something that spoke authentically to the origin story of the song, something which was expressive of how and why it was written.

The song was very much Dan from Bastille's way of communicating what he witnessed and felt in watching From Devil’s Breath, so in the video we decided to incorporate Dan himself into a similar documentary interview construct to that used within the actual film. dan was a great sport and kindly let us film this at his house.

As a film team we are so grateful to Dan and his team for generously sharing their creativity to spotlight the stories of Nadia, Sofia, Vitor, Sergio and the many others whose lives have been irrevocably changed by the increasing numbers of forest fires in Portugal and beyond. We hope that their voices and their acts of bravery will reach a much wider audience through the emotive power of Bastille’s brilliant music.

The video premiered on Rolling Stone. watch it here:

And watch a behind the scenes of the shoot here:

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