Eve of Tomorrow
Josh Veselka
4 X 60 Minutes

Made with Tencent, this 4 part documentary series was filmed in Chinese and English. Chinese celebrity pop-star Bowie Tsang embarks on a mission to meet with people trying to change the world, with fascinating and eye opening results...

Dr Death

A 1 hour TV episode shot in English and Chinese, Dr Death explores the international movement demanding the right to die at the time and manner of their choosing. Australian former doctor Philip Nitschke proliferates advice on the best way to peacefully ‘exit’ life through Exit International, not only for those suffering terminal debilitating illnesses, but fundamentally positioning suicide as a human right.

The film follows Dr David Goodall as he makes his final journey to Switzerland to bring an end to his 104 year life, and meets campaigners on both sides of the argument, those who demand the freedom to die, and those who are sure this is a slippery slope to shirking social responsibility for those with un-curable illnesses and conditions, both physical and psychological.

Border Warriors

A 1 hour TV episode, presented by Chinese star Bowie Tsang, shot in English and Chinese, Border Warriors explores the multi-faceted experiences of the US-Mexico border. Our presenter meets private militia, aid groups, economic migrants and asylum-seeking refugees all trekking through the Arizonan wilderness propelled by their strongly held beliefs; in the American dream, in America as a safe haven, in maintaining the security of America and in maintaining its soul.

Love & Sex with Robots

A 1 hour TV episode presented by Chinese star Bowie Tsang, shot in English and Chinese, Love & Sex With Robots dives into a fringe world of AI development, dedicated to creating the perfect lover and companion. From the sex-doll factory floor in California to a small pub on an island in the English Channel, this documentary explores the demand, supply and problematic future of romantic relationships with the inanimate, and the artificially animate.


A 1 hour TV episode presented by Chinese star Bowie Tsang, shot in English and Chinese, Immortality explores the myriad ways people prepare for death, specifically the avoidance of it. Transhumanist conventions, cryofacilities and conversations with a thanotologist (an expert in coping with death); Immortality follows a fascinating variety of people each grappling with the end of their life, and how to continue beyond it.