Scouts Honor
Brian Knappenberger

Survivors, whistleblowers and experts recount the decades long cover-up of sexual abuse within the Boy Scouts — and its heartbreaking impact — in Scouts Honor: The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America, premiering September 6th on Netflix.

The Reviews

[The] film is more lament than exposé: The tone is funereal; the tears are abundant. But the evidence that the organization knew that criminals were infiltrating its leadership is substantial and goes largely unchallenged

John Anderson, Wall Street Journal

The outrage elicited by "Scout's Honor" over that situation is compounded by the agonizing commentary of victims.

Nick Schager, The Daily Beast

It’s nauseating. It’s infuriating. This is not an easy watch, but there are also moments of profound emotion and genuine inspiration in the documentary.

Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times
The Ground Under Our Feet
Jim Williams