The Walk
Tamara Kotevska
Harri Grace, Orlando von Einsiedel, David Lan and Tracey Seaward

Asil is a young Syrian refugee awaiting documents in Turkey while processing the trauma of losing her home and family. Her story gives voice to a charming gigantic puppet named Amal, who represents millions of migrant and displaced children in a walk from the Syrian border in Turkey all the way across Europe. Escorted and animated by a group of puppeteers who are themselves refugees, Amal’s epic journey is one of compassion and discovery. Coming soon...

The Reviews

Deftly bringing together art and social struggle... Kotevska shows the unspeakable with great empathy and a healthy dose of courage


THE WALK at @DOCNYCfest is one of the most haunting films of the fest a record of the journey of a giant puppet across Europe it is pure cinematic magic that transcends being just a documentary to be something wondrous.

Unseen Films

"Its singular vision and impressive execution makes it a documentation worthy of Amal’s immense profundity."

POV Magazine

Shining a light on a story that moves into and out of the news media’s attention, The Walk opts not for speechifying or arguing. It honors, rather, the kernel of life a puppet can embody, built by hand and sprung straight from the heart.

The Hollywood Reporter
2024 News

THE WALK is currently playing at festivals worldwide including DOC NYC, CPH:DOX and FIFDH.

The film is represented for international sales by Together Films - - who are also managing the film's impact campaign.

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