The Walk
Tamara Kotevska
Harri Grace, Orlando von Einsiedel, David Lan and Tracey Seaward

Asil is a young Syrian refugee awaiting documents in Turkey while processing the trauma of losing her home and family. Her story gives voice to a charming gigantic puppet named Amal, who represents millions of migrant and displaced children in a walk from the Syrian border in Turkey all the way across Europe. Escorted and animated by a group of puppeteers who are themselves refugees, Amal’s epic journey is one of compassion and discovery. Coming soon...

The Reviews

Shining a light on a story that moves into and out of the news media’s attention, The Walk opts not for speechifying or arguing. It honors, rather, the kernel of life a puppet can embody, built by hand and sprung straight from the heart.

The Hollywood Reporter

THE WALK at @DOCNYCfest is one of the most haunting films of the fest a record of the journey of a giant puppet across Europe it is pure cinematic magic that transcends being just a documentary to be something wondrous.

Unseen Films

"Its singular vision and impressive execution makes it a documentation worthy of Amal’s immense profundity."

POV Magazine
Scouts Honor