United Nations: Fight Back
Rubika Shah

you can run from air pollution, but you can't hide. that's the premise of this high-energy sequence, set in a big city under a hazy fog of air pollution. will our heroine escape dangerous pollution, or will she become trapped? it all comes down to the viewer's choices: a skip takes her to danger and uncertainty, while a view results in her finding the air to breathe—and her voice to demand action.the high-profile campaign was commissioned by youtube and the un to to raise awareness of UN Sustainability Goal 13: Climate Action in the UK and drive action. the dynamic series of attention-grabbing films exploit youtube sequencing technology for maximum impact and were shown throughout the youtube platform.


The series of five breathtakingly dynamic films, directed by award-winning filmmaker Rubika Shah, star acclaimed parkour artist Georgia Munroe. SFX and CGI create her monstrous, relentless pursuer as Monroe takes desperate measures to run for her life. Whether she breaks free or becomes trapped depends on the viewer’s choices. The ultimate reward is to discover the power within us all to demand action and take charge of our own destinies.

Al Jazeera: We Are Fire
Orlando von Einsiedel