Google: Moonshot
Orlando von Einsiedel
Executive Producer
JJ Abrams

From executive producer JJ ABrams, and Oscar winning director Orlando von einsiedel, 'moon shot' is a series of awe-inspiring character-led films exploring the lives and ambitions of the people around the world vying for a chance to win the $30 million Google Lunar x-prize by being the first to land a robot on the moon

The Google Lunar XPRIZE is the largest prize competition of all time with a reward of $30 million and aims to incentivize entrepreneurs to create a new era of affordable access to the Moon and beyond, while inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers, and explorers.

The Story

With stories from afar afield as India and Mexico and Japan and Canada, the films follow a diverse array of emotionally charged stories from charismatic and quirky people as they take huge risks and sacrifices and pour passion and sweat into a once in a lifetime chance to follow their space dreams.

The films were Released at SXSW in 2016 by JJ Abrams before launching on Google's US homepage.

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